Want the 1:1 business coaching without the hefty pricetag?

The 1-Day Business Voxer Coaching is for you


Cliff Notes version: You get access to me 1:1 for an entire workday (off and on) using Voxer, and I get you ready to make big actionable changes

Want all the details? Keep reading.

You. Are. READY. You feel it in your bones... now is the time for your to take a leap with your business.

It could be a product you want to release, a new direction for your business, a new strategy, a new big-scary-goal...

You can't quite figure out what you need to do... yet. But you know what you DON'T need...

  • ...a coaching call that turns into a sales pitch
  • ...another course that you never finish because you get hung up on step 1.5
  • ... a high-intensity, high-dollar coaching program that takes up so much time in your weeks
  • But you KNOW that you need help. You need someone to give you support, action, guidance, and where to go and grow from here.

It would be great if you could…

  • Have direct access to a business coach who gets your ambition and drive
  • Figure out WHY you keep getting in your own way with your business
  • Talk to someone who gets it – the balancing act between being an amazing business woman and having any kind of life outside of work plus being a mom... I gotchu.
  • Get the support that you need to take massive action in that next project.
  • Or just get some feedback on your ideas.

Does all of that sound like your jam bam? Then this is your lucky day!

That’s exactly what you sign up for when you book a Day of Voxer with me!

Feel free to book one or more slots now to use in future (your day must be used within 3 months of ordering). Rescheduling is fine as long as you give 24 hours notice.

How does a Day of Voxer work?

Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app that allows us to exchange voice and text messages.

During a Day of Voxer, we’ll be in touch over Voxer off and on so that we can dive deep into how to take the next steps, what is holding you back, what fears are getting in your way, getting clear of your vision for your business, and more :)

Here’s how a Day of Voxer works:

1. Once you grab your spot, you choose a date for your Day of Voxer.

What I love most about this for you is that it doesn't mean you're glued to your laptop for the entire day. Perfect for my mom entrepreneurs who are chasing little kiddos or in the pick-up line for school. Or for my busy bloggers who are trying to stay on top of Facebook, Instagram & email all day. So if you have a few things on, or you have to start it late/ end it early that’s fine as long as we still have a chunk of a few hours.

The only thing that you need to do when you pick your day is make sure that you can have the time to devote to getting your thoughts together so that you can take the action you need to make this 100% with it for you.

2. We get you set up on Voxer.

Don't have a Voxer account? No worries – it's free to use. :)

The on the morning of, I'll add you on Voxer and we'll be off!

PRO TIP: I suggest you start making a list of what you want to talk about once the chat starts so that we can dive right in.

(I'm not big on small talk and I'd never want you to leave and realize "CRAP! I meant to ask about_____" Just keep a list for yourself so that we can jump right in with both feet)

3. When your Day of Voxer comes, you’ll have access to me from 8am to 5pm EST

Wooooah, don't worry... we're not talking like we're going to be on a Zoom call for 9 hours here. This gives both of us room for flexibility throughout the day.

We'll be going back and forth regularly... but without being go-go-go. This is chill! It's more intensive than my 1:1 coaching because you only have 1 day, but it's self-paced. If you want to ask a lot of questions at 8am then take a break until 3pm, then go for it!

One of my favorite things about it IS the go-go-go-meets-chill-down-time. It gives you the time to really get ALL of your thoughts out there but still gives you time to put any action into place that you need to.

That’s part of what makes a Day of Voxer so effective.

Here's a recap of everything you get…

⚡️Access to me from 8am to 5pm EST. It isn't a continuous 9-hour chat (which would be exhausting for us both), sometimes we do some back and forth, sometimes with some gaps for other stuff going on in our lives & work.

⚡️We can chat about anything in your business! We mainly stick to a specific subject: could be upcoming launches, offers, pricing, mindset, boundaries, challenges, email marketing, or feelings!!

⚡️You send me voice and/or text messages via Voxer (whichever you feel most comfortable with is totally up to you) and I’ll reply with a mixture of both. I'll always do my best to get back to you lickety-split so that you can use the time between messages to put some action into the plan we're working on.

Price: $400

(Since this is a relatively new form of coaching, this is the lowest price it'll ever be & it's only available for a super-limited time)

I can't wait to work with you to make things happen in your business!


I generally take Day of Voxer clients on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (it varies week to week and is first-come-first-serve). You can see the current availability on my calendar. Just click the button below to book and pay, then you can book in your date. That’s it – I’ll see on Voxer when it’s time!

I can't wait to work with you to make things happen in your business!