>> How many times have you heard "you're doing it wrong when you blog about what you love"?

>> How many times have you thought "there's nothing I can sell to my people!"

>> How many times have you almost thrown in the towel because your blogging dream job is turning into a nightmare?

>> It should be easy to come up with ideas for posts, freebies, products and more to help your readers!

>> It should be easy to make money AND have fun doing what you love!

>> It should be easy to sell to your people without feeling icky, doubting yourself, or or avoiding it altogether!


1. There is NO ONE WAY to make money blogging... there are MANY ways.

2. No one will do the work for you... but we can give you a clear path to walk.

3. If it's hard and you're not having fun, you might as well quit & get a job at Panera... it should be fun AND profitable!

4. Stop thinking that you don't deserve to make money blogging... you do, you can, you WILL.

5. Most bloggers would never show you the real-life of blogging behind the screens – which hides the real keys to their success... we can't keep a secret and we would never want to hide something that works from you!



  • Ready to finally launch that product...
  • Ready to take the ICKY out of selling...
  • Ready to make it EASY ...
  • Ready to bring back the fun in writing and reaching your people...
  • Ready to learn the easy way to make sales copy...
  • Ready to learn our simple approach to brainstorming...
  • Ready to take the action you need to make things happen...
  • Ready to launch the product that you've been dreaming of...
  • Ready to take the steps to make selling fun...
  • Ready to turn your blog into a brand that people know and love... the easy way...
  • Ready to grow your blog while making money...
  • Ready to stop guessing and start doing...
  • Ready to achieve goals you’ve always wanted to reach...



  • Blogging On Point Method Workflow Guide
  • Access to the exclusive group
  • Monthly new content
  • Weekly Q&A video from 2 5- & 6-figure bloggers
  • Access to the members-only video vault
  • More than 20+ hours of video content
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  • 60+ past days of content in the course hub
  • Fast-paced group of like-minded blogging ladies
  • Content-stuffed, action-packed modules to help you make money with your blog
  • Insider platform tutorials
  • Detailed walk-thru instructions on how to make money making products
  • Lessons on how to make selling fun
  • Product workflows on how to create a money-making product
  • Lifetime price lock-in
  • Avatar mastering workbook
  • Product Creation Overview
  • eCourses Delivery Workflow
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  • How to Make Bonus Income Workflow
  • Product Creation To-Do List
  • Finding the Perfect Product Guide
  • Finding Your Niche Video
  • Flash Sale Instructional Video
  • Re-Purposing Content Video
  • Learn How to Sell to Your Email List Video
  • How to Write a Welcome Sequence Video
  • How to Set Income Goals Video
  • Dos & Don'ts of Lead Magnets Video
  • Roundup Tutorials Video
  • Bonus videos found in Facebook group
  • & MORE!


BONUSES # 1: Coffee Chat Vault

Need some extra boosts of inspiration? Who needs Netflix when you can binge-watch our money-making coffee chats!

  • Every 90+ minute video has at least 5 "mic drop" moments for your blog!
  • We LOVE to over-share our insider secrets that you can take and use for yourself!
  • These videos are perfect to pop in those earbuds, do some chores, and still get inspired without having to be glued to a TV or computer screen

BONUSES # 2: Email & Subscriber Growth Video Course

If you want to make money from you blog and business, you need to have a list. Scared AF to send that first email? Don't know what to give your list? Covertkit scares you to death? We gotchu!

  • Help creating a freebie / lead magnet that your people want
  • Know what to send your brand new subscriber
  • Welcome email must-haves

BONUSES # 3: Time Management Tips for Bloggers

This one bonus ALONE changed how so many of our members blogged, found time for family, and still earned more with less time spent.

  • How to track your blogging education the easy way so that you actually use it
  • The best apps to keep in your blogging arsenal
  • Our top time management tips that we *actually* use to stay on top of life, family, and still be boss at business
  • How to schedule Facebook and Instagram with just a few clicks

BONUSES # 4: Lock In Your Lowest-Ever-Again Pricing

This is a big deal! We were in a membership that doubled our price one month... for everyone... that was crappy! We won't do that to you!

  • Once you're in at this price, you're in at this price for life
  • The amount that you get with your membership only grows month after month
  • We're only adding more content to your membership... not 0s to the end of your bill.

Got Questions? We've got answers!

Click HERE for the answers...

"I am so thankful to know Caroline! She's helped me so much with everything from a tripwire for my blog, growing my list, balancing my personal life and my blog, designing graphics, making sales pages, and soooooo much more."  

– Allison B.

"Tracy is the best mentor a blogger who-wants-to-be-a-business can be! She's approachable, funny, and incredibly knowledgeable. Tracy has gone out of her way to communicate that knowledge and help generously and does so without making you feel ignorant. That's the kind of help we all need and I'm blessed to have found her. Highly recommend."  

 – Sue D. 

"There isn't just one thing I've learned from Caroline, it's everything that upleveled my business from a hobby to a full-time income. Everything that I needed to know about how to making blogging work as a mom comes from her."  

– Jen S.


  • YAY! YOU'RE IN!!!
  • Everything you need will be sent to your email and will show up in your invoice page right after you join.
  • Login to the Blogging On Point Members Area in Podia
  • Get your step-by-step start-up guide.
  • Jump on over to Facebook and join the conversations (--> if you don't have Facebook, that's fine! The content will all be in Podia)
  • Ask ALLLLL of your questions in the group!! We are both in the group every. single. day. answering questions.
  • Hang out in the weekly Coffee Chats with us every Monday morning! (**a member FAVORITE!**)
  • Got a question and can't wait til Monday? Check out the MASSIVE (& ever-growing!) videos in the Member Area
  • Got a question we don't know the answer to? We know a LOT of blogging BFFs who we can bring in and get help answering your questions. 
  • Be on the lookout for pro interviews coming soon!
  • And the biggest thing you need to do... take action on what you learn!

No seriously, Blogging On Point is going to change everything for your buisness!


Meet Caroline...

Hi, I’m Caroline Vencil, founder of CarolineVencil.com. I’ve been making a full-time income from blogging for close to 5 years now – 2 years ago, I had my first 6-figure year, and the first 6 months this year, I've made $10,000 - $45,000 each month! I have a passion to help beginner and intermediate bloggers take their blogs to the next level and make more money in the process.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be sharing the Blogging On Point Mentorship Group with you! If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this coaching memborship program is for you!

After almost 5 years of blogging through crazy ups and downs, I know from experience that RIGHT NOW is the time that can make or break how successful you can be this year with your blog. I want to teach you how to increase your blogging income using techniques that are proven to work through all of life's ups and downs..

When I first started my blog in August 2015, I had no idea what I was doing! 

I was running around and working like crazy for 40+ hours each week to bring ina few pennies. I almost quit blogging then and there. It took taking a hard look at the time I was spending on my blog to realize... I was wasting my time. I was trying to do so much... but none of it really mattered at the end of the day!

And from then on, I learned what I needed to focus on to make more money and it made a huge change. And it worked! Now, I work less than 20 hours a week and make more than I ever have (with 4 kids, by the way!). 

Trust me – this isn't going to be just another one of those coaching programs where you get 0 help and 0 value. Since you're investing in your hard-earned money, you'd better believe I'm going to help you make your money back – FAST!  

Meet Tracy...

I started my blog, Simple Living Country Gal, in January of 2016 as a way to help folks remove the chaos and live a simpler life. Soon after, I learned that in order to make money blogging, I needed products. And if I wanted to sell those products, I needed people that I could sell my products to. So, I got busy building a list of dedicated readers that wanted to hear what I had to say and buy what I had to sell.

But even that was not the income I was longing for. 

I knew I needed to find additional streams of income that when combined together would bring in enough money to turn my blog into a business. 

Here I am just a few years later doing something I never believed was possible. It was hard work and took quite a while to learn but I made it through the overwhelm to become a full-fledged business owner. 

Now, I am having the time of my life working the job of my dreams and I want the same for you!

I now spend time mentoring new bloggers to help them navigate the waters in this sometimes confusing blogging world. Teaching them the ins and outs of marketing, content creation, and growing a strong dedicated list. The sky is the limit if you just know how to get there!  


  • Woah, those are some bright colors... are you going to blind us all the time?

Nooooo. But it does fit our personalities and we wanted to make sure that you know what we're about before joining. We're not about prim and polished perfection. We genuinely believe that it's possible to have fun AND make money in the process.

Which is why we went with fun colors and glitter on the sales page. Because if you're looking for serious people who talk in numbers or talk down to you about having an avatar or about having an email list or even •gasp! • having fun while you make money from blogging, then this is a hard pass.

  • I’ve already gotten a million other courses and never finished them. How will this be different?

Here's the tough love: we can't do the work for you. Period.

Think about it like a diet. We can give you the diet plan (the road map for success), the shopping list (the full courses that you can go through on your own time), the recipes (all the bonus video content in the member area), and the daily support encouraging you (the Facebook group)... but at the end of the day... YOU still have to put in the work to see success.

We know that this group and the content in the members are is amazing and worth it. But you still need to take action if you want to make the money you deserve from the dream job that is blogging.

  • Blogging courses always seem to leave out a LOT of information that I feel like I could use. Are you guys going to hold back on sharing stuff that will ACTUALLY help us?

Good news: we SUCK at keeping secrets! So you’re going to get no-holding-back looks, secrets, tips and tricks as we spill the beans every single week on what we’re ACTUALLY doing. 

  • How much is it going to cost?

You get access to not just 1, but 2 (!!!) full-time bloggers for $47/month. Not just access to us in the live group, but you get access to our whole library of amazing content inside of the member area (a value of $997).

In our experience as bloggers, we've learned that courses are great... but they're missing the part that blogging is constantly changing – what worked 2 months ago isn't working now. And with Blogging On Point, you get up-to-the-minute updates on the changes in the blogging world.

  • So is this a course or is it a monthly group?

This is a monthly group that is partnered with a course-like platform that is there to help supplement your learning from the group. Everything is organized in 5 distinct modules inside of the member area. You can work through those at your own pace, getting the support and guidance you need from the group as you go along.

Sound overwhelming? Don't freak out, because we have our very own "road map" – The Blogging On Point Method – to help you walk through everything with ease!

So really, it's the best of both worlds: You get an epic course on email growth, product creation, marketing, selling, and more... PLUS you get the live component in the Facebook group to give you answers as you go.

  • What is a "mentorship group"?

Blogging On Point is a mentorship group where we are here to guide you through the often-confusing waters of how to create, market & sell your products (even when you're scared to death or when you think you "suck at selling" or anything else). We will be you Blogging Sherpas here to help you every day with support, tutorials, pro tips, and more. 

  • So is this personalized, 1:1 coaching?

No, this is not 1:1 coaching. While we would love to help every single person in the whole world individually with their blogs, we just can't. BUT... the next best thing that we can offer is a group for bloggers just like you – who don't really want to (or can't!) dish out $3,000 a month for a blog coach, but still need the help from pros.

Never underestimate the power of learning along with others! We'll always do our best to give you the answers you're looking for no matter how big the group is. You will also be able to get advice, help and feedback from your fellow blogging peers within the group. :)

  • How long will it be?

How’s "forever" sound? Because that’s how long we’re planning on hanging out in your corner to help you grow your blog! 

No seriously. Everything inside of the course hub (which is bigger than a lot of blogging courses that we've seen, honestly) is there for you to go through at your own pace and you will get access to it for as long as your membership is in good standing (aka: as long as you stay with us).

  • Where will it be held (Facebook, a course, the moon, etc.)

All of the recorded teaching videos will be "housed" in Podia, and so will all of the video training. But the super-valuable 1:1 interaction and live training will be housed in the exclusive Facebook group. 

  • What level blogger is it for?

We move fast in the group and we don't want you to get overwhelmed by the pace. With that in mind, we suggest (highly, but it's still up to you) that you have been working on your blog consistently for at least 3 months.