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You have a million questions, struggles, roadblocks & hang-ups about your money.

>> I’m here with answers. <<

I’ve helped over 3,000,000 women get control of their money & create the life they want— and I CANNOT wait to work with you, too!

Every one of your 60-minute-long sessions will be packed with actionable steps for you to take between sessions ad beyond.

We'll find your struggles, work to make them easier to manage, help you set – and achieve – goals, and do it all in a way that leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take on the money world.

Only 3 more coaching client packages available for the month!

(Note: each session is 60 minutes, and packages include free Voxer support between sessions.)

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Some of my specialties include:


After living on $17,000 with a baby, finding money when it looks like there is none is my specialty.


Now is the perfect time to save up for an emergency fund & I'll show you how I do it on autopilot


Got a spender for a husband? Same! But the good news is that I can help you reach him WHILE keeping your marriage intact.


Want someone to show you how to build a budget that actually works? We'll build your budget together + give you the tools to tweak it as you go.


THIS is the real key. This is the secret sauce. Everything comes back to mindset. Helping you to see that you are a badass with money is my specialty.


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“After my first hour of coaching with Caroline, she showed me four simple changes that will put over $1,000 back in my pocket in the next six months alone. And that was just from the first session!”

– Kristen B.

“Meeting with Caroline was the first time I felt comfortable talking about money. Caroline was took the time to listen to what I had to say and told me personalized steps to take going forward. I felt nothing but supported and empowered throughout our calls. This coaching has transformed the way I see my finances. I used to have panic attacks just opening my bank app. But now, I'm confident in the way I handle my money. I tried to get there for years on my own, and it took 3 sessions with Caroline as my coach. Caroline is a wonderful soul with an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and I am so glad I made the decision to work with her!”

– Jen W.


Caroline is a mom of 4, wife of 1, a former teen mom living on $17,000 per year, now 6-figure CEO.

She's helped more than 3 million women with their money lives & has a special passion for motivated women living on low incomes.

A frugality, money-saving, & entrepreneurial pro, Caroline is here to help YOU live the fullest life that you possibly can.

Here's how it works:


You sign up!

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Fill out the hey-girl-hey welcome form in your welcome email so that I can get some background on your money situation without taking any time from our calls.


You pick your dates and times for our calls throughout the month (you get to pick 4 dates that work for you and your schedule from the available dates on my calendar).


Between our calls, you get access to my entire Fierce Budgeters Community (including all of the 5 included courses – a $997 value) for additional support and help give you even more action steps to take to make your new money mindset stick.

NOTE: Once you purchase the package, I will be in touch with next steps over email! So thrilled to work with you! (Coaching includes free Voxer support before and after the session)

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